Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Christmas Letter

So we decided to post our Christmas Letter on our blog this year. Sorry it's a little late!

ist2_4647115-christmas-holly-illustration.jpgMerry Christmas! We can’t believe that it’s already that time of year again! We love and miss you all! We have had a busy and blessed year. Besides school and work, we have really enjoyed spending time together as a family. We have been able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors here in Georgia through hiking, biking, and even river rafting. This spring we were able to take a trip to the gorgeous city of Savannah Georgia (which we would recommend to all of you!) We were able to enjoy the beach, tour the historic sites, and even see a bunch of dolphins! In August, we were able to make it out to Utah and enjoyed seeing most of our family and friends there. It was great to spend time with them in the great outdoors of Utah (which was wonderfully dry compared to Atlanta in August).

Wendy has been keeping herself busy as a bee. She loves the time that she and Xander spend together at work and at home. Wendy works at a small daycare that is only open for four hours in the mornings. Xander loves to go play with his friends and Wendy loves to chat with the ladies there at work. She has also begun to sing again and will be getting a vocal coach soon. She has loved being in the ward choir and hopes to join a local singing group this next year. She sang O Holy Night as a solo in our Christmas program for church and did an amazing job! Greg is very supportive in any talents or hobbies that Wendy has wanted to pursue.

Through school, research, and teaching at a middle school, Greg has been managing to keep his schedule quite busy. He has still been enjoying it, which is good because he still has a few years left. He likes to play with his robotic toys at work and try to get them to obey him. He is studying Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Control Theory and loves it (perhaps he just doesn’t get enough control at home J, just kidding, Wendy is making me say that she is nice and not controlling). His favorite part of the day is when he comes home and plays with his cute family. He spends most of his evenings chasing Xander around, pushing cars back and forth, passing the ball, or being a horse. After putting Xander to bed, he gets to spend some time playing with his wonder wife Wendy. We all love the weekends when Greg can spend most of his days with us as we explore Atlanta.

Xander has grown like weed. Even those of you who saw him in August would barely recognize him (except for the fact that he still looks the same). He has finally gotten more hair on the top of his head so people have stopped calling him a baby. He is a cute little boy now! His Grandpa Johnson gave him a bunch of matchbox cars and those have been his favorite toys for the past few months. As soon as his daddy comes in the door he yells, “Dadda, cars!” He has also grown quite attached to Elmo, which he is not allowed to watch more than a few times a week, but yet asks for it multiple times a day! He loves singing songs. He loves both twinkle-twinkle and his ABCs, although he usually starts with one and ends with the other (we have learned not to teach him two songs with the same tune J). He also loves ring-around-the-roses and will sing it nonstop if we let him. He likes to count, but hates the number one, which he always replaces with the number two. The other day he wanted a piece of candy from his cousins so Wendy had him repeat after her, “Can I have one?” and he said “Can I have two?” He is a nonstop source of entertainment.

We love you all and hope that things are going well with you and yours. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Greg, Wendy, and Xander

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