Sunday, May 18, 2008

May is a GREAT month!

This has been quite a busy month so far. I am taking summer classes while Wendy is working full time. She's enjoying not having to go to classes and relax just a bit, although she would like it if I did a little less homework, well , she would like if I did no homework and just played.

We have had quite the adventure with our many multiplying fish. Even though the fish store told us that our fish would not have babies unless there were perfect conditions, our momma fish has had 3 batches of little fish and we hear that she can have up to three more from the one incounter. So, anyone want some fish?

We had our 1Year Aniversary! So far so good! We haven't killed each other yet and as you can see from past photos that we've posted, we've only bled a couple times after fights! No, it was really fun. I surprised Wendy with reservations at the Marriot Hotel down in Salt Lake because I thought they had a really nice pool outside, but it turned out to be a dried up scating rink! It was fun anyway cause they had an indoor pool. I took Wendy out to the Olive Garden because that was the first place that we ever went out to eat at and we went there the night I proposed (cute huh?) . I was able to down just a little more than I did the night I proposed, probably because I wasn't nearly as nervous (and it helped that my stomach has expanded in our year of marriage). Wendy on the other hand has become even more of a rabbit, she downed a bowl and a half of their endless salad then put her dinner in a box, which we ended up throwing away! After that, Wendy had the wonderful idea of watching the Jazz playoff game against the Lakers. She's a doll.

Annie and Mike are leaving us now because of the recent hike in rent so we thought that we would need something to remember them by. Although we may have to give it back!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Blog two

Wow, we suck at writing on the blog!!! But we are a work in progress. We received a threat from Crystal that if we didn’t update the blog she would erase it from her favorites so here goes number two.

A lot has happened. Wendy has drunk her first beer, or at least she’s old enough now, but won’t do it. We both think she’s great. She says it’s her blog too so never mind, “just erase we both think she’s great and we’ll be happy. Babe that’s dumb. Stop repeating me. What are you doing? Oh no. Hahaha. Babe! Erase all of that. You should not write this. Okay. We’re done now. Stop write everything that I’m saying. Let me type now.” “NO!”

Anyway, back to the blog. Below are pictures of Wendy's birthday. We are still trying to chug along in school. It’s getting harder cause the end is coming near and we have so much to do. It’s fun though.

Saturday was really fun. We did study all day, I’m programming a chess game and Wendy had economics, but at around four I got home and started to play. We decided to have a kind of starving student card night. We went to three different food places to use the card and then went to the nickelcade. It’s a good thing that gambling is against our religion because Wendy loves the slot machine nickel games that you win tickets at! It was really funny. I finally got her to come play some of the normal arcade games with me for a bit but by the end of the night we were back to gambling! It was really fun, she’s a doll. After that we came home and watched a movie on the computer. It was pretty fun, we slid the couch over and watched on the Netflix site.

Well, we are needing some shut eye, but we promise to update our blog more often. Love you all!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Family Night

Would you like to join our family night? As you can see from the pictures we had a wonderful family night tonight. We were joined by Greg the Bear and the Coaster Family. They didn't participate much, but we enjoyed their company anyway. We may not invite the Bear again because he fell asleep.