Friday, October 22, 2010

Day at the Atlanta Zoo and More!

We decided since the weather has been perfect mid 70's we needed to spend some time in the outdoors. So we went to the Atlanta Zoo!

The Zoo has a great park inside!


Xander loves slides! He goes up and down all by himself! He is definately not scared of heights.

The Petting Zoo

This was the closest that Xander would get to the animals. He was so timid! I think this is the best picture I've ever taken! It looks fake, but is totally real.

Xander decided that it was too scary to touch the animals so he decided to pet the tree stump.
He would pet it then say, "Nice", and "soft". So funny!!!

Xander loved putting his face in this! He would come back
and forth looking at the picture on the camera then going back for a retake!

Inside the bird area. He loved seeing them fly around.

Xander and Greg love playing cars together!
Thanks to Grandpa Johnson, Xander has around 15 cars. He loves them so much!!!
As soon as we go home everyday he says, "Cars!", and runs to go play with them. Also when watching this clip, notice that Xander recently learned the word, "Funny".


Crystal said...

Aww how cute! We miss you guys so much and wish xander was here to play with the lady bugs! That video was soooo cute!

Gram LJ said...

It is so nice to visit you all on your blog today. This car video is fun! Grampa Johnson is sharing his love for cars with all the family. Xander is getting so grown up. Love the shot of him looking down the slide. That is awesome. :)