Thursday, September 3, 2009

And it's not even May yet!!!!

We live in Georgia now! So far we love it! The weather has been amazing, raining every few days. We love our duplex and it is gorgeous here! We have doubled our square footage from Provo to Atlanta and Xander has his own room now!

So, we thought we would catch up on the good old days in Provo and then the next blog will be about our new life in Atlanta.

But First, we thought we should share with you the 3 Great reasons everyone should move to Atlanta: Great weather, it’s beautiful, and we miss you all!


These pics were taken in Provo right before we moved:

This video is hilarious! Greg thought I was just taking another picture! :-)

Our precious little man

Going for walks is fun to do, to do, to do, to do.

Our little man loves to sleep in the car

Happy Happy Little Xander!

Xander loved playing on that toy!


Crystal said...

I'm so proud! We miss you guys!

Thomas Family said...

it sounds like you guys are doing great, but I miss you!! wendy, we need to have a much more successful phone call than the last one!:)

Aloha said...

Oh Dear Gregg and Wendy, how cute and adorable. Love those pictures. What a neat way to keep up with the little ones as they grow. I will be seeing Janese on the 7th of Nov. to her shower. I love to see all the little ones along with the parents too. Hope you are happy where you are now. Sounds like you are but you seem so far away. Love you guys