Monday, May 18, 2009

May is still a great month!

Yet again May has come and we are finally updating our blog! Yes it's true and heck has not frozen over! We are having so much fun with our new son! We love being parents! Tonight he won't go to sleep, but hey it's ok. That is why we are here writing this post. So you can thank our cute little son for not falling asleep.

Here's what we are up to:

Greg walked at his graduation last month, and he is now finishing up two classes and he will be done! Well, for about a month. We are moving to Georgia so he can get his Ph D at Georgia Tech. He is also trying to fit in 40 hours of work each week. He is very busy and we are so happy when we can play with him! I was going to find more to write about Greg, but that is really all he is up to.
Xander is the cutest baby in the world! He loves to coo and tries to laugh. At first I thought he was coughing, but that's the way he laughs. He loves to stand (with some help), and he loves to look in the mirror (I wonder where he got that from?). He is currently sleeping 7-9 hrs at night! Finally! It feels good to sleep again! Xander loves to smile and will try to bat at toys. We love watching him grow!

I am having the time of my life playing with Xander and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! I love to figure out new ways to organize and new places to scrub. And right when I feel like the house is finally clean, Greg comes home and messes it up. :-)

Other than that if you are ever at home during the day and would like to know what is on tv, give me a call. I am basically a tv guide. While Greg is studying engineering, I am studying how to win prizes and money from some of my favorite game shows. I could easily win if I was on The Price is Right, or Deal or No Deal! Yay! We are going to be rich!

I also love to make jewelry(thanks to Becca Droge), scrapbook, and go on long walks on the beach.....or State Street, whichever is closer.

We had our 2 year aniversary last week. It was great! Greg surprised me with a candle lit dinner, dancing, and my favorite ice cream! It was so romantic! A big thank you to Annie who babysat Xander! He made me a coupon book with multiple massage coupons, ice cream coupons, babysitting coupons, homemade dinner coupons, and much more ;-) He also gave me a gift card to Ross my favorite store! I gave him some comfy flip flops and a part for his RC car.

Here are a few cute pictures that we have of our newest little addition.

Xander and Cali Johnson


The Hockmans said...

FINALLY!!!! Some Pics of the little baby! And you of course, is always nice. I sure hope you keep your blog slightly more updated, other than the annual one we've got. Its so good to see you and know that you are doing great. Motherhood is a blessed and messy calling, but its great. Glad to find you all doing well!

The Johnsons said...

WOO HOO!!!! I'm so happy!!!! lol. That was lots of fun to read! I look forward to you updating it... lol. anywho xander looks so cute in the picks he is getting so big!

Dave said...

Great post!

it's amazing what a little training can do right? It's great to see the updates, Xander looks sooo much like Greg's its amazing. You guys are awesome!

Grammy said...

Yeah! Loved this! You are a cute and special family! Keep having fun together...