Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Xander!!!

Xander just turned 2 yrs old on Feb. 18th!!!!! I can’t believe he is so old!!!I was having lots of morning sickness so we decided to play it low this year. So we had his birthday night just to ourselves and had his cousins over the next day for a picnic. We went to the Jumping Jamboree for Xander’s birthday night. I mostly took pictures while Greg and Xander played on the big toys.

Xander LOVED all the slides! He was not scared one bit! He is our little dare devil.

We are having another baby!!!!! I am actually 17 weeks now. Xander is really excited. He thinks we are going to get a baby like his 7 month old friend Joe. So whenever we ask if he wants a baby he says, "Yes, a baby Joe".

We are very excited to welcome a new child into our home. Our due date is Sept. 7th, but my doc says she might induce me early because of the history of large babies on both sides of the family and Xander was 9lbs 3oz. That makes me very happy!!!!!

Here are some pictures of the day we saw the positive test.

Even though Greg looks surprised, the pregnancy was planned. :-)

This is the first look he made when he saw the test! Awesome!!!

We wouldn't let Xander hold the prego test, hence the sad face.


Crystal said...

aww how cute! Happy Birthday xander! (again) lol. we are so excited for you guys!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! I love it! What a cutie and so polite:)

Gram LJ said...

Hey, Hey, Horray!! We are happy to hear the news of a new baby on the way to your family!!!
Happy Birthday Xander!!!
Love the photos of your family fun and surprises!!!
Hugs & Love to each of you xoxox